Exploring new frontiers in the industry by bringing the right experts together while adhering to global standards


Seven Pearls Realty Group (SPRG) is a real estate and investment services firm established in 2019 that connects property investors and owners through our end-to-end services and strategic partnerships in and out of the industry.


Client Representation

We provide a client-centric way in providing expert tenant and landlord representation through a highly-customized, cost-effective, and hands-on approach based on client requirements.

Research & Consultancy

We determine effective business development strategies backed up by our pool of experts and relevant industry reports to inform decision making so you can achieve your business and operational goals.

Project Marketing

We utilize a proactive, personalized, and data-driven communication and marketing approach for the right contacts at the right time and with the right activities rooted in the client’s vision and desired outcome

Portfolio Management

We focus on gaining a substantial return on investment through serving clients looking to acquire or dispose of high net worth assets with all types of transaction sizes and holdings periods with a client-oriented mindset.


Globally Competitive Experience

We are experienced in conducting business with investors and property owners across the world with our globally exposed team of property experts

Above-and-Beyond Service

We provide holistic service beyond the ordinary real estate and investment firm by going the extra mile in ensuring that client expectation is met and exceeded.

Customer-Obsessed Culture

We work vigorously to earn and keep customer trust by starting and ending with the customer in mind, constantly listening, personalizing, and enhancing their experience

Gateway to the Philippines

We show our patriotism and contribute to the economy by empowering foreign investors who are interested in doing business in the Philippines by making it easier and more flexible.


We Listen

We establish long lasting and trust-oriented relationships with our clients and partners by actively listening to their needs and concerns that we act on as soon as possible.

We Deliver

We are obsessed with customer success and delivering the best holistic outcome for our clients with both efficiency and effectivity.

We Synergize

We bring together a professional team of experts in and out of the real estate and investment industry to ensure the best experience for our clients.

We Excel

We strive towards excellence in every engagement with our clients and partners by being innovative, decisive and creative.



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